Picking the videographer and photographer

10:00 AM

Videography and photography go hand in hand, otherwise known as VG and PG. Remembering the all important day in film is a decision most couples have to make because these are on top of the existing costs.

Infact, all my life I thought these are inclusive in the bridal package...not. The most the bridal package includes is pre-wedding photography. Actual day photography and videography have to be sourced separately.

What makes a video tick. We were looking for one that would touch, with a storyline and not just be a record of the day's event. Studio after studio we browsed and were this close to concluding the VG and PG together when we chanced upon Lighthouse Studios. Pricey indeed but we were touched. Even my family were all for it. I suppose what makes them different is the storyboarding concept that they offer, rather than just go in and shoot the day's happenings.

We met up with Kevin shortly and two meetings later, Lighthouse was hired! Kevin has been an amazing help thusfar...definitely not pushy and very affable. He shared his wedding tips with us so freely, what to look out for, what not to do...even before we hired them!

Subsequently we settled on Julius for photography. Somehow I am for the idea of signing both together so we get some savings at least! So do check with your appointed VG if they work with any PG. :) It is through discussions that we realised also that the basic VG packages do not come with a chapter-ised segment, these are additional. What is the point in getting raw footage actually if neither of us are good with editing? Hence, top up is a must.

What makes photos tick then..? I suppose the main criteria we had was to have the main photographer to shoot rather than associates. Be careful that some established studios have more than just associate and main photographer, they can split further into senior associate and the likes of it. It is true that every photographer has his own style so it is essential to communicate your ideas before committing and deciding. That cuts down all the room for post purchase dissonance!

With our deposits settled, I look forward to counting down and weaving our story!

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