Tilam King: The good and the bad

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I'm not sure how many of you chanced upon Tilam King and made it your bed for the first lap of the married chapter. Fact is, I've been a Sealy-Simmons fan all my life and the Hubba had been using Seahorse for a decently long time now. Infact, before I got married I had an idea which model of bed I wanted from Simmons and until he suggested why not Tilam King? A local manufacturer of quality beds that would not lose out to the international brands AND at a fraction of the price.

Our King sized bed with divan cost a total of under 3K whilst an equivalent would hover in the region of 5-6K. So with savings like these, we were mightly pleased. And what now?

The Good

It is a local brand made good, we applaud and definitely support his efforts in putting quality products out in the market at pocket friendly prices. 

Our sales experience was great, no pushy sales people but a very accomodating one. He was willing to exchange the two free pillows for two fitted bed protectors that would come in way more useful.

The price of course, and with the savings made we were able to stretch our dollar.

The quality of mattress is on par with the rest. Given the number of visits we made to other mattress labels to test sleep on them, it was reasonable. However, you can never put an apple to apple unless it was a full sleep on each of them - a 2 minute lying on the bed does not consistitute a comfortable night's rest.

The Bad

Both of us had no clue it was short of by that much until people started commenting it looked more like a Queen than our supposed King. And we of course measured. 

The biggest and most annoying grouse about it - the size that they claimed that was the same as an "international king". Wrong, how wrong and so very wrong. It was 5cm lacking in both length and width which may not seem alot but it gets VERY apparent when we buy fitted sheets.

The era of purchasing a large bed sheet and painstakingly folding the sides in is over - I suppose only the hotels do so thesedays and maybe the hardcore ones. So this becomes a problem because every other bedsheet sold in departmental stores are international sizes and what I have every weekend is a frustrating experience of playing tug of war with the sheets and ensuring they get tucked in to the best of my ability with the misfit.

The dream of having my sheets tucked so tight that there will not be creases has become a nightmare. #analsleeper

Yes, I feel cheated. Maybe they could have indicated that these were not international standards and we can at least have the choice to decide if we want to exchange the price differences for a dimension difference? Even IKEA's are universally known to be different from the international brands - well, because they make the conscious effort to educate in their stores.

The hubba sleeps with his legs sticking out - well not that the 5cm would have been the greatest deal but it is still annoying for him. Well customising a Super King should have been the whole point but yes, we all learn.

Ok, rant over. The whole purpose of this entry is to educate - at least, shed some light on the real deal with purchasing Tilam King.

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