Furniture Shopping in Singapore: A whole new meaning to retail therapy

10:28 AM

I love shopping. Retail therapy makes sense of payday and I am glad the hubba knows where I love my money hanging - in the closet. Yet when it came to our humble abode, I was stumped. 

We decided not to go with the ID route - yes, time is a luxury in our hands and we are not chasing the deadlines of getting married and moving out at the same time. So everything from scratch and so far, apart from cement screeding which was a lovely result of a tussle with the H and DB, the humble abode is far from complete. In essence, we had to think through every nook and cranny to make sure things were going in at the right time and making sure we knew what we had to get and not delaying installation progress.

I yawn at the prospect of visiting Sim Siang Choon to check out bathroom and kitchen amenities - I succumbed to the vending machine mints to survive our 2 hour trek around the showroom. I shall save the vendor list for bathroom amenities for another entry but you get the drift. 

So then came furniture. It must be the sales that made our purchase decision way faster than expected. March seems to be the month for clearance sales for most brands so mark your calendars for those who need not have the IT piece for the season, April is the month for a completely new collection. 

Here's the few places that we scoured our sunny island for after consulting a number of furniture blogs and magazines.

16 Tai Seng Street

Think $57k sofas and the rest is eye poppingly exorbitant - clearly not for the budget conscious. The sales folk are as aloof as their pricing is, almost untouchable. Within 5 minutes or less, we whisked out. 

The Design Store by Lifestorey
16 Tai Seng Street

They are stockists for Scandinavian furniture brands and we fell so in love with many of their functional pieces - certainly did not help that they were into their last day for the 30% discount. Two coffee tables and a shoe rack later, I think I am in love with furniture shopping already.  

We also paid their mall retail store at Great World City a visit, there is a wider range of accessories and prices were on the higher side as well. 

302 Jalan Besar level 2

Trust Jalan Besar to be home to this luxurious furniture playground. They are the parent company of Lush, with majority of their furniture from Shanghai. Very beautiful wood furniture and extravagant pieces like lamb wool chair that felt like a butt treat - prices of course matched. 

It was then that we found out about their other company - Lush-lush, which we instantly became fans of. 


73 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Centro Bianco#03-01

Lush-lush was running a too good to ignore promotion - this promotion runs till 20 April (assuming they do not extend it any further!)

Buy 1, less 10%
Buy 2, less 20%
Buy 3, less 30%
Buy 4 and above, less 40%

No prizes for guessing which promotion we headed for. We first lost our heart to their fortune cookie stools at Matzform and then decided to place our order for these gorgeously designed stools. The best part of this is we could pick from their palette our choice and get them custom made and delivered when we wanted. 

A dining table, tv console and sofa chair later, I say Marcus has to be the best salesperson around. He managed to convince us to make 2 of these purchases without seeing the physical product. Hats and pants off to this dude, very affable service too. 

9 Raffles Boulevard #02-52

I chanced upon this at Millenia Walk and they even have a cafe to boot! Their range is mostly wood and fabric sofas, minimalistic in design. Very warm sales people and definitely not pushy but the selection at the retail outlet is rather limited. We had our eye on their tables and benches but caved in elsewhere - a pity though, I would love to own something from their store!

Crate and Barrel
#03-25 2 Orchard Turn

This was the first place that I fell so in love with - I call it the Ion syndrome that makes the shops so inviting. Certainly does not help that their catalogues are so read worthy and very much a keepsake for future inspirations. 

Beautiful things all come at a beautiful price tag too - on the pricey end and venture only if you have a budget and definitely space to store (reads: landed property and above). The incredibly comfy sofa that we had our eye on would have been a splurge but a reasonable one until the salesperson warned that there were stocks returned because the sofas were too huge for the HDB stairway and lift - hoisting may be the best solution but the costs would run too high. 

They can hold stock for up to 3 months and offered really good advice through our visit.

178A Orchard Road
Peranakan Place Complex

The sister company of Crate and Barrel with a more functional range of furniture, though we did not walk out with any pieces neither were we tempted by any.

Taylor B
43 Keppel Road
1st, 2nd, 4th Floor

They have containers of furniture coming in weekly and their three storeys are stocked with so many pieces of furniture, I could spend a good after noon browsing through all of them. They are the only one that offered complimentary bottled drinks, mints, oreos and wafers to tide us through this arduous task of furniture shopping - awesome much. There was even a particular visit that they brought in Saybons for a live crepe station!!

Taylor B works on a concept of one piece furniture so no situation of ordering in advance and they allow storage of up to 3 months as well. Their clientele is mainly expats and few locals so we were half expecting the prices to be rocket high too. Thankfully we found THE sofa that matched up to the one we fell in love with at Crate and Barrel at a fraction of the price too and ta-dah, we were made owners on the spot after the one who reserved gave it up. YAY! This place deserves an entire afternoon to discover gems and there are lovely inspired pieces too - we nailed a Timothy Oulton inspired piece! *woots*

At the rate we are visiting them, it is no wonder our home will be mostly furnished by Taylor B. So far it's a sofa, dresser, side tables and wall shelf counting...!

Alexandra, Tampines

Budget chic furniture that may not be the most pocket friendly at times, we realised. Case in point a regular sofa chair would go for a tune of $780 (taken off the latest catalogue) and we nailed one at Lush going for $800 after a generous promotional discount. A major shopper alert here. IKEA is awesome for idea browsing but just be sure to counter check the other shops for a better bang for your buck.

Journey East 
15 Outram Road #03-02, Tan Boon Liat Building

Tan Boon Liat Building is every furniture shopper's heaven - there are 3 shops housed in the same building. This is one that stocks unique pieces with a collection that is restored and one piece only.

Mountain Teak
315 Outram Road #07-02, Tan Boon Liat Building

Lots of wood once again, their minimalist furniture is made with certified reclaimed teak and not cheap.

The Shop House
315 Outram Road #07-03, Tan Boon Liat Building

The Shop House specialises in traditional and contemporary recycled Indonesian teak wood furniture. There is an entire collection available for customization - a major plus point, only if they had sofas not so long! We needed ours shorter than 2m in length but theirs are mostly longer than that. 

Scan Teak
60 Sungei Kadut Drive

Fans of orange wood only need apply. 

NOVA Furniture
17 Sungei Kadut Way

Their showroom is huge but the furniture and pricing seem not to match what we were looking for or could afford. 

Outlets all over Singapore.

I found their furniture on the high end. 

Yue Hwa
70 Eu Tong Sen Street

We happened to be in the vacinity and stumbled upon their top floor of furniture. It was a really strange collection of rose wood and European styled furniture. The prices are a tad lower than Laura Ashley's.

Laura Ashley
Great World City

Very cottage themed, very pricey too. Think $1600 for a wall mirror and nearly $3000 for a cushy arm chair. All things beautiful unfortunately come with a pretty price tag too. 

Great World City

This was the Franc-franc before they even arrived on our shores, everything is so "buyable" in the store. There are certain pieces that caught our eye but with its location at Great world city, I figure I could grab something similar at a fraction at Taylor B's!

Franc Franc
JEM (Closing end April)
Vivocity (Closing end May)

We all love a good deal or so but the closing down sale of FF was boring. Maybe we were a step too late in the quest for furniture but by the time we made it to both Vivocity and JEM, nothing much was left.  I enjoyed the store mainly for its larger than life furniture and even after the sale discounts accorded, it was still on the pricey side. 

I hope you found the list comprehensive enough, when we have finally put our home together, pictures to follow!

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  1. Great list and thanks for the kind mention! We look forward to having you back as our guest soon :)

  2. Thanks for the list! It's really useful:)

  3. I also really love furniture shopping.

  4. Thanks for the great list. But one wrong information about Lush Furniture - you may not know, but this shop is known for awful customer service, delayed delivery, and in some cases, refusal of refunds even when the product is damaged. There are a number of online forum discussing this shop with many angry customers of Lush.

    I like your site, so advice to correct the information. You don't want your credibility damaged.

    1. Hi there, I have read some reviews on LUSH and they seem to point to their really bad service and delayed delivery however in my case I did experience really good service, on time delivery without much fuss and they even replaced my tv console without any inconvenience...I could be the few lucky customers...appreciate your inputs on this yet the list above was collated based on my own experiences.

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    They manufacture for hospitality and i.d projects but also cater to affluent clients who seek customised luxury wood furniture. And because they are distributors, the prices are lower than most retail stores.

  7. Leaving a comment on Lush Furniture.

    Very bad service and unreliable. Ordered 3 chairs and a coffee table. First delivery they only managed to deliver the chairs with one rejected by us due to poor quality. Have been waiiting for delivery which has been postponed multiple times. One of my worst purchase all time.

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