The last entry as a miss

12:00 PM

I've got this last entry as a miss in my draft box for a couple of weeks now..maybe to anticipate the last day scrambling all over the place making sure everything I planned for stays on plan and nothing goes wrong, tying up loose ends, running through every single thing that will happen on the big day while trying to enjoy the last 24 hours as a miss.

The Mom and I have an age gap of a couple of decades and I have on more than one account chided her for having me so late - and she'd smile wryly and reply "Until it's your turn." Not that these years have made a huge difference in our relationship - many a time I think she has alot more youth than I do. To many who know us, we behave like best friends, not mother and daughter.

I don't know about all you readers out there but the road called "love" was never easy, my Mom would always say - wait on THE one. What is THE one anyway? At the end of this chapter, I dare's as specific as finding the dress, shoe, MUA and even photographer for the all important day. When you find the one who makes you be a better person for both of you, look forward to every meet up with much happiness and part with such sorrow, it makes it seem the world is going to end. When they say time together is never enough when you've found the one, it is nothing but the truth. I finally had enough comfort with the fiance to fart and burp - that's how you even judge if you can grow old and be all unglamorous with the other. I kid you not when I used to scoff at all these - relationships used to be just a status change - with a companion in tow.

The fiance and I met under unique circumstances and till today we scratch our heads and wonder "how can". God's blessings, they are and truly we are blessed.

As cheesy as this sounds and to my husband to be,

I will promise to love, cherish and romance you for the rest of my life. The journey that I have been taking as a solo traveller ends and it will be us both moving on - in good times and bad, health and sickness, good fashion sense days and bad...there may come a time that there will be more than one between us, time alone could be a rarity, communication could be about everyone else but us, look at a birkin and say that's equivalent to a year's of tuition fees for our mini me, I may trade my stiletto heels for slippers,  regular restaurant pig outs for home cooked meals or even overlook an anniversary, but for as long as I live, I will remember you are God's greatest gift and blessing to me.
I will be your...

Biggest fencing fan
Alarm clock to make sure we both get to work on time
Domestic goddess in progress (he knows how much the kitchen and I are not bffs)
Mini me factory (and grow the family!)
BFF (in naughty and rolling good times)
....and the list goes on and on and on.

What would I do differently tomorrow? 

Apart from remembering to wear the wedding band every morning comes a whole slew of daily mojo - who gets to use the bathroom first, who turns off the lights or who will be the one to replace the toilet roll in the holder. A mountain high of mundane activities. The fanfare of the wedding will die down the moment the doors close on us after the last guest leaves, I would probably be the world's weepiest bride (the video and photos will be a testament) but when life returns to normalcy, that's when the real deal starts.

I don't remember when was the last time my dad spoke gently to my mom or she did not bark at him for turning a deaf ear to her nagging but one thing remains - the love they once had and probably still share but in a different form.

No other woman would choose to cook daily, go through bodily changes to have kids, ruin her hands doing laundry for the family, stay up when the kids are sick, without love. Nobody makes my mother as happy as my father does (though both vehemently try to deny) and both probably knew it the day they said I do, too.



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  1. God Bless! Just be yourself tomorrow (oh it's here already!)

  2. i just stumbled upon your blog as i was doing research for my wedding. realised that today is your big day so just wanted to say congratulations and i wish you every best for a lifetime of wedded bliss with your husband :)


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