Deciding on my MUA: TG Goh

11:00 AM

<strike> On a whim </strike> After much combing through scores of forum pages and nagging from my mom, I decided to appoint a separate MUA for my AD.


Thing is, everyone wants to look good on her big day, not by default but at least we try to ensure the outcome with our choices of...

Groom - That he will not jump onto a horse and gallop away, but cars are actually much faster.
Bridal Studio - The gown would be in our opinion, the groom's opinion and whoever else has seen and commented - the most suitable and gorgeous one alive.
MUA - If the bridal studio's suit then it's a marriage in heaven and if not, it's time to start racking your brains and piggy bank for another alternative.

To get the story right, MDW did a good job with the makeup which is acceptable for photoshoot standards - think my fiance looking like a wax museum figurine and me with a ton of makeup. Photoshop is godsent and does correct the imperfections to a T but I just could not get past the fear of something going wrong. If I had known, I would have negotiated for a trial AD makeup to be part of my package #lessonlearnt.

The story behind selecting my MUA is simple - google, forum and then settle on one with the most positive reviews and of course, browse the portfolio if possible. It could have been just affinity that made me and my sister fall in love with TG's works (though they were dated works).

A string of whatsapp messages later, I confirmed my MUA.

TG met us at his studio and we had a really nice chat about what I wanted on the AD. Pricey he is but I'm glad I'm off to a great start!

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  1. Hi, may i know the pricing for TG Goh?

    1. @mavia: When I booked him back in 2013 it was 1.2k for AD, additional $500 for second hairdo (second march in)

  2. Hi, May I know why you decided to engaged a separate mua in the end?

    1. @anon: i wasn't satisfied with the makeup done by their pre-wed MUA...and to prevent my makeup on the AD being too drama, I sourced for another to play safe.


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