The day I conquered my Electrolux washing machine

11:47 AM

I could not have expected the first attempt at using the washing machine to be a resounding success and go without a hitch. Murphy's law much maybe but I certainly was not expecting a nightmare come through - I could have very well dreamt this so many times over, handling a car that would not stop until it crashes, float and fly out of the window and now, in reality, my washing machine foamed and could not stop.

The first wash without laundry and the manual clearly stated to pour in 1/2 a cup of detergent with 2 litres of water. And trouble started. Too much detergent everyone else conceded.

The second wash - officially the first with laundry - occured without a hitch. Then there was a power trip (which I shall not mention now) that caused the machine to reset its washing settings and restarted a full washing cycle on its own. By the time the cycle ended, it was 12 midnight.

My first batch of laundry, cleaned. So clean...I think I overcleaned it. Hubba's white towel was dyed a perfect pink too.

So much for a very eventful first wash.

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