Aviva Fundae 2018

11:57 AM


Aviva Fundae 2018 was our first encounter and thanks to all the good reviews from fellow mummy friends, I thought we'd go have some good fun. It was scorching at 3pm and boo for not taking note of that.

There were two different entrances, one for goodie bag collection and another unofficial one near The Meadow's carpark.


Branding everywhere.


So our tickets entitled us to 1 free beer or juice unchilled which was just...urgh. Better than nothing in the scorching sun.


There were loads of game stations but the catch is, which ones suited an under 2 year old.


So the boys did a lot of running under the sun, loading up the Vit D!


And when we found a game we thought the boys would be interested in - at least the men were for the free beer if they got their boys into these donuts and were willing to be dragged around.


Turns out Cyrus had other plans and wanted to drag his father in it. =_=" Ended up nobody got anywhere and we still scored beer anyway!


We chanced upon this crowd puller - BUBBLES. And no simple ones, they were huge and kinda magical.


Daddies to the rescue for catching those large and floaty bubbles!

DSC_8038 DSC_8052

One of them in action....and it's sucha pity they popped so early.

Would I be back next year? Probably not....until he is ready to take on water play and all the rides on his own perhaps and when he can sit down for a proper movie under the stars. With the exception of icecreams, everything else was chargeable.

Aviva Fundae 2018, done and dusted!

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