Heading to the tailor: Tuxedo Shirt at Reizo!

10:06 AM


The bridal studio does not include the shirt for the shoot nor actual day and there would be a surcharge of $150 if we bought a shirt from them (if memory serves me right!) so what better reason than to have one tailormade!

The fiance did some research online and found one with good reviews and reasonable prices. Customization seems to be the theme for the wedding except my gowns and shoes...let me just keep you in suspense what other bits and bobs we are adding our personal touches to! :)


Reizo sports a small shop with adequate samples of styles they can do. Befitting of every occasion. 


Lost in the room of fabric.


The fiance choosing his preferred fabric.

At $90 for a tux shirt, it is a steal and service is so friendly! The shirt was ready within a week of ordering so let's just see when we have the time to pick it up!

On a separate note, there is Red Mango located at Wilkie Edge - hooray! Thought they finally shut their doors with the Citylink outlet closure. 1-for-1 on weekends promotion ongoing!


Wilkie Edge
8 Wilkie Road #01-02

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