Sealing our love

9:28 AM

I'm not sure since when that we decided to customise our own wax seal stamps for the wedding invites. Somewhat olden, somewhat mysterious, somewhat different.

I sourced high and low and vouchers for customised wax seals that have been pedalling on various voucher sites have all gone silent when I needed them most! There are many options really and entirely dependent on the amount of time you've got until the special day. For us, we decided it almost 6 months to the big day that we wanted it so there is a luxury of time to get it produced.

Here's a just a list compiled for your reference to make planning easier!

Qoo10 - They were the only one on our local gmarket to offer this seal, as much as I am a huge online shopper, dealing with TTs and a completely different time zone and language was not something I am risking.

The experience with Fashion Fiesta was pretty okay, replies were expectedly slower as she already mentioned beforehand. Changes made were prompt too.

Katrina Alana - On Etsy and pricier than Qoo10.

Our final product! A really pretty set!

Upclose of details

Looking forward to stamping them! We hope our guests will be surprised at least when receiving our invites. :)

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