Coming together with Animoto

12:00 PM

A warm fuzzy kind of feeling when everything comes together...we're still months away but I've more or less nailed the montage - with some final touches it will be ready to go!

We didn't want something too oh-so-expected and really just wanted to tell our story but sometimes along the way you realise the wedding is not about you and me but also the other important people - so yes, it ended up being our life story, in a walnut shell.

Someone just tell me 8 minutes for an opening montage isn't too long? I didn't get bored watching it (like duh) and neither did the fiance (like duhx2)...but it's MY DAY! 

Psst, save all the trouble just head to animoto for some magical touch. It saved me the headache of even trying to decipher the coded templates or even making windows movie maker my bff. Godsent I must say and so worth the price I paid for an annual membership!


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