Invite cards gone whimsical!

12:00 PM

We started out feeling satisfied that the invites were part of the hotel package. I definitely was not prepared to fork out extra to design my invites are timeless, even my parents' are still intact and do not look a day old fashioned.

Through the years I kept invites that were memorable - blinged with a pretty weave in diamante clip or something different from the typical chingchongfied. The cards offered by Regent did not appeal the least bit. And we made the daring move to get ours designed.

What is an invite that people don't read anyway? Somehow that became the reason why we had too much text for the first cut.

We both wanted something representative of our love story - laced with a tinge of whimsical and fairytale. Not intending to even be cliche, as cliche as our story is.What originally started out as a vinyl record idea moved to a scroll...a newspaper insert...and finally, something we could agree upon.

Alice in Wonderland theme.  If only I were really headed to The White Rabbit for the bridal party!

Getting us hand drawn had to be the most emotional experience.

Changes made over and over...I'm just so thankful for a patient designer - she had to breathe us alive and nearly dreamt us from all that staring at our pictures.

We're done with the final artwork, choosing the paper and purchasing the envelopes...definitely worth the while and I hope the invited guests would at least be surprised. 

That's all for the teaser, tons of work to do before they get packed off to be delivered! If anything, both of us are pleased as punch and our parents getting used to it.

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