The Man speaks: The Wedding Day

4:43 PM

A long overdue entry from the other collaborator in this marriage!

And indeed I concur with my co-pilot that the fairy dust has settled, leaving a patina yet to be swept away from the floor. I write this just after coming back from our afternoon and even then, things in a marriage will always prove to be bittersweet.

What did I remember of that day?

Grooms get the jitters too! Well, I wasn't exactly nervous but was excited. I tried hard to sleep the previous night but wasn't all that successful. No choice, I have to face up to the proceedings of the day with about 3 hours fitful sleep.

Before going to bed, I laid out all my outfits in the order they'd be worn with all the accessories I was gonna put on. Damn, I'm one vain dude. I also put in an order for Mac delivery for breakfast for me and my bros. Well, gotta treat them nice, one of then specially flew back from Hk for me!

When I woke up, my dad greeted me with an ashen face. I was groggy, but that face told me that there was something very wrong. I snapped awake.

'Ah Ye has passed on'.

My grandfather passed away on the morning of my wedding.

This isn't a post eulogy post, but his passing added a lot of stress to the day. But I told my wife that the show must go on because now my grandfather is watching us from heaven. Things whirled by in a blur and I was now playing gatecrashing at my wife's house.

Thankfully her eating games weren't terrible, but she really made me rack my brains with the branded bag-guessing game. Hey, at least I could get all the brands right. I'm no bagaholic boy how would you expect me to get the model names of the bags? And that impromptu haiku on the way up the stairs into her room! I hope you liked it!

At the church, my best man had no idea where to stand and caused some amusement. Forgivable really since he wasn't at the rehearsals! Kudos to us for picking the hottest day of the month to have a wedding. My brothers were nearly dying in the heat even though I asked them to wear shorts in the morning's gatecrashing!

She didn't mention anything about walking down the aisle, but wow was she beautiful.

The rest of the church wedding went by so fast that I didn't realize there was no food for us. Thank God for parents who love you enough to rush out to buy lunch for you. I stared at my newly minted wife and offered her French fries. She ate some and seemed to be in a daze. Part one over, bring on part two!

We made our way down to our hotel to get ourselves dressed for the dinner. While the MUA was fussing over my wife I quickly got myself dressed and went downstairs to the ballroom to meet with the banquet captain and our wedding event account manager. The banquet captain, Willis, was a joy to work with. Fast, responsive, attentive. So much better than a lot of banquet captains I worked with. Our brothers and sisters scrambled to get everything ready - the wife's frivolous candy table, the reception, and everything else.

And suddenly, our VVIP guest arrived. Gosh. He came early! My wife wasn't down from the hotel room. I dashed up to get her. The MUA was still doing her hair and allowed her to go down with her hair half done (but not before sassily telling her not to mess up her hair or he will have to start over again. TG is adorable) and we rushed downstairs to entertain.

The banquet started and the regular programming resumed... And then it was time to change. Yup, TG and us had fun taking pics cos he did her hair quickly, and even found time to do mine! She wanted my hair to look like the one I had for the MyPaper Executive Finals and TG obliged!

And afterall being done with the banquet and shaking hands till 12 am, we finally collapsed in chairs in the hotel suite. Our room service came and we were so tired we hardly ate.

But the mushroom soup they served tasted the best ever in my life. I dunno, something about being very exhausted makes comfort food taste damn good.

How is married life?

As updated by my wife since the last entries we are now almost done with the renovation of the house! I had some free time so things moved pretty quickly in about 1.5 months. Our furniture is coming in soon, can't wait to see how it'll all turn out!

We finished our honeymoon alive, bedraggled due to the distance we traveled, sometimes tense due to some arguments, but very much still in love. Or even more, if that's even possible!

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