Anniversary kicks: Ground Effect on Etsy

12:00 PM

Surprising the hubba is never an easy feat. I wish I had the budget for chronograph watches but chanced upon Ground Effect on Etsy - voila, present settled. I was eyeing the Men's Automatic Skeleton Watch, dressy yet chic at the same time. Best part, every single buyer was raving about their customer service and of course, the product. How luscious the leather felt.

Free shipping included too, but it took about 3 weeks to reach me since they ship from California. I'm sure the kind folks can do something about the delivery if it were for a special surprise.

It arrived packed snug and proper and the only giveaway was the sender "GroundEffect". Layer after layer I unveiled and there it was a box with the watch. Very intricately designed and intriguing to actually stare at. I had a huge dilemma - to keep or give as intended.

Happy Anniversary - part two in the next post!

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