Pre-wedding shoot with Multifolds Photography

12:31 PM

I joined the sis and Melvin from Multifolds Photography for a prewedding shoot - well it is always fun to watch in the fun and not be the one sweating the guts out under our weather.

Was not too long ago that I had mine and it certainly brought back memories. While I had a studio-led shoot, the sis opted for ala carte going with an independent photographer instead. For sure there are similarities and differences, and here's my take on it.

The free reign of customization triumphs

Going with a studio means you have access to their gown range, make up artists and photographers - and as wide as that sounds, the down side is one is unlikely to know the specific make up artist or photographer till a week or two before the shoot day. I have had friends who hunt down the best of in the studio and insist they get to work with them. And then of course, you have people like me who pretty much trusted in the expertise of either groups of people and then had a good laugh when the photos were delivered.  I was restricted by a couple of things -

The Make up artist
The photographer
The number of locations
The range of gowns

With the limitations of time, I only had 3 locations, 3 gowns and 3 hairdoes though the hairdo bit was kind of baffling since they roughly looked about the same. It was a 10 hour shoot and truly, I summed it up as the hottest day of my life - not the comfyest and yes dinner was concluded at Mcdonalds.

Going ala carte then means, you get to pick a designer of choice - or even buy a gown off the rack without having any limitations of who to work with since everyone else is within reach. One could even get a vendor to style your shoot, a florist maybe and well, there is really no end to ala carte. As long as the pocket allows. :)

So here's me tagging along on the shoot, the shoot was split into morning and afternoon. 4 outfit changes, 2 hairdoes, 5 locations and tons of fun on the shoot. Melvin provided music to create some form of ambience. There was alot of freedom and control of time, no rushing required and here are my sneak snaps tagging along. Singapore, has never been more undiscovered than now.

I've not been a jetty-fishing-lighthouse kind of person but this changed me. Something so serene and calming about the seas, really.

The famous tracks and I joked about having the couple plank there. :P

Lallang fields and a sky canvas so gorgeous. :)

Having had my own honeymoon shoot done, I am  a huge fan of independent photographers. The experience definitely is for keeps and well...until there is another reason for me to indulge in another.

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