Floral arrangement with Wild Heaven Fleur

9:59 PM

I haven't been one who is great on flowers...I do love receiving flowers though. So when Wild Heaven Fleur opened up slots for a morning session of table arrangement, I grabbed the opportunity. The location is at Eunice's studio somewhere near Kembangan, very tranquil and because her place is so beautifully done up, it felt like home away from home.


The session started with an introduction to flowers, techniques and then we went into how to arrange it before a hands on session. While it was a very condensed session, I had alot of fun putting the new found skills to play.


My bunch of flowers before I started arranging them.

my arrangement

I'm definitely no florist but here's my very first flower arrangement with roses, peonies, silver leaves and the rest, I call greens.

We were also treated to a ligh snack of Carpenter and Cook's quiche and pound cakes.


Pumpkin and spinach quiche, terribly yummy. 


My crusty slice.


There's just so many stylish corners in her house, it truly felt like wonderland.

I cannot wait to start sprucing up the humble abode with my own arrangements!

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