Another man in the life - Toms

12:00 PM

I have a humble confession and I am head over heels (yes, the pun) in love with Tom. Make that a plural, Toms. 

Don't ask me why so late but these are possibly the comfiest my battered feet have sunk into. Whoever said Ferragamos are the bestest shoes, I say BOO. I seriously can have a separate entry on how designer footwear are not meant for the faint footed or hearted.

I would concur to the comfort of Repettos, however.

The bestest part of my purchase is I get to do my part for charity too! Under their 1-for-1 movement, for every pair purchased, they either give a pair of spectacles or shoes to a child in need!

Until the piggy bank allows for a pair of Repettos, it's Toms to the rescue! Can't wait to stomp all over town in these. :)

Note: This is NOT an advertorial, just to spread the love here!

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