Gen.k - Customised jade pieces!

12:00 PM

It was a random IG browsing and Gen.k caught my eye. Homegrown designer who dabbles with modernizing jade in very wearable pieces. I stalked her retail page but always ended up liking the sold out pieces from previous collections. 

So then, I decided to customise my own. That way, I needn't keep vigil or fight finger nail and mouse with the rest. (My clicking skills are not that great, I usually lose out at the Love Bonito CNY collection sale)

We had a "conversation" over email with a brief description of what I liked and envisioned of my customised piece...a couple of drafts later, I was sent the above. 

SOLD! I loved the Liny in Disneyland necklace she did, the clever usage of a partial bangle with beads and mine had rose quartz and jade beads incorporated in a dangle manner. The design she says signifies 'freedom'. :)

My mailbox had some love! Pretty pastel hued ribbons with the present to myself.

Jade can be so very sassy, don't you think?

Here's me and my very own Gen.k piece! Super loving how it lights up my outfit. The first jade acquisition and hopefully not the last. More customisations ahead, me hopes!

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