Wardrobe peek: My shoes

12:00 PM

After unveiling my accessories, I did a couple of outfitshots and now, I am back with a whats-in-my-shoe-cabinet post! Like most other women, I love my money hanging in the closet – and thankfully, Hubba shares the same sentiment.

We have 2 shoe cabinets in our tiny home – one for daily use and the other, for storage of shoes for all seasons and reasons. I say I am doing fine with just 40 pairs, though most would gasp in horror. Here are some of my favourite shoe brands - still growing of course!


Miu Miu
I love their patented shoes to death – the shine of their patent shoes are almost eternal. 5 years on, the shine of my shoes are the same! A pity these are really not meant for walking, great for outfit shots because they elongate one’s frame and best of all, makes my calves look so skinny!

Tabitha Simmons
I chanced upon this designer at a Club21 sale and found my wedding shoes here. Love the sparkle and heel height!

Steve Madden
It started with an innocent pair that soon expanded to quite a collection – flats, heels and boots included. I adore the label for its designs and most importantly comfort!

Better known for its clothes than shoes but boy, they have surprised me on so many occasions how versatile, attention grabbing and best of all – comfort, that money really cannot buy.

Some love it for its bubble gummy smell, others love it for its rain proof shoes and I love it for its collaborations. Karl Lagerfield, Jason Wu, J. Mascrey and the Campana Brothers have all released stunning creations and I find my comfort in the ultragirls.

The grand dame of all foot wear – as rain proof as the melissas I must admit and rain or shine they have not failed me. The collectible designs have made me go bonkers over having birks in every design and pattern.

I have yet to lay my hands on any Aldo Women’s shoes despite their range and amazing sales. Anyone has any tips to share when picking out a pair?

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