Milestone Update: 25 Months

4:25 PM


July was such a month for us - the terrific twos and on the health front I suffered a fair bit before Cyrus had a bout of high fever and rashes for a full week (!!!). And I haven't gotten down to documenting how we celebrated his second and now we are in his 25th month. Time, flies...too fast.

  • Tantrums have gotten so real this month, the refusal to wear shoes, get into the car, into the car seat, out of the car, into the shower, have dinner, head for another shower, go to bed for the night. Many a time I feel like I'm done for the day before the nonsense begins.
  • We have been conversing a fair bit in Chinese though heavily English accented! Cracks me up all the time.
  • Chopsticks are his favourite cutlery these days and it gives him great pleasure using it to kiap our arms and food. (What a rascal!)
  • Parroting is still very strong here - he LOVES repeating after us.
  • Counting 1-more than 20 is his forte, likewise reciting his alphabats A-Z but recognizing is still a challenge. Apparently he sang twinkle twinkle little star in both English and Chinese with such gusto in class he scored an applause and was super smirky about it.
  • Food is still in his major motivators - but OUR food is lyfe. He has been fussing over our food and wanted to try everything in sight. Momma me has two choices - either everyone eats the same as his, or I recreate same same but different versions. How now, brown cow! Since he has started with his birthday cake, we have had a number of other celebrations and they have all been castella or sponge cakes just so he can have a slice.
  • He self talks a fair bit "Cycy this...ok!" =_="
One of the more memorable conversations this month...

"Mama pay money."
"Pay with whose money?"
"Your money"

Thank, SON.

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