Milestone Update: 26 Months

4:06 PM

Just two months into this terrible twos, there are days that are extra challenging and days that aren't. I guess as parents, we forget the unhappy and focus on the happy. In fact, August has been such a happening month...where do we start!


  • We officially started him on a multi sports programme, so no more flash cards and academic related classes for now...we're going full on with mastering some ball sense! Doesn't he look too cute in these pint sized jerseys?
  • He can scoooooot! At last! Well in my definition of scooting, more than just walking the poor scooter. Thanks to all the korkors and jiejies at the parks.
  • Brushing teeth has become part of his daily routine - YAY. Includes standing on two stools leaning over the sink and spitting water into the sink. 
  • We've taken the liberty not to shy away from the naming of genitals and he is aware how different Momma and he are. It does amaze me how he knows only to use P infront of us and tells us specifically the P gets caught when I dress him so haphazardly or if he needs to relief himself (so rare) and we make it to the toilet. 
  • Just once we made it to him relieving himself in the toilet in the wee hours of the night. Is this a sign of toilet training to come? 
  • I've been trying to teach him how to shower himself, this has been a hit and miss at times. On good days, he can unbutton the jammies, remove his pants and diaper quite well. On others, he claims it's "too hard". Wearing his clothes have been less successful, only the pants if and only if I do it with him. Otherwise the shirt completely does not even make it past his head. 
  • He sat through a chinese play and a stage performance though the mascots scared him at some point. Baby steps to artistic appreciation!
  • The conversations have gotten so serious at times, I swear he is a chip of his old block. "Momma come here....momma come hereeee!"/ "I want Popo bath, don't want Momma."/"For Cycy" (the frequency has peaked when he wants to own something very much and he knows it definitely does not belong to him). 
  • Of late he has been replacing words he knows with "gaga" and it annoys me. So much. Why baby boy why! 
  • On the school front, we completed a family day (half a walkathon!) and a project showcase. The Hubba flexed some muscle with the other volunteer dads hammering of the maze and Cyrus had a field day going in and out of it with the other kids. 
With Midautumn up this month...and I hope to make him a mooncake equivalent somehow...wish me luck! 


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