The Bird who was afraid of heights

12:00 PM


We attended our first Esplanade play - The Bird who are afraid of heights at the studio and it was a free seating event. My bad for arriving just minutes of the show since I was not expecting the show to even start on time (talk about practices locally).


The play was about a bird who was afraid of heights and he had a dear friend in a mouse. They made merry and had a whale of time plucking fruit - which included an interactive session with the children all helping to place them back into their respective crates.


There were plushie mangoes, rambutans, chikus and even dragonfruit. Kudos to the team for their creativity!


The other birds all teased him for not being able to fly.


And one day, the crows also joined in and decided to play a prank. By "abducting" the rat!

Of course in a fairy tale manner, all's well ends well, the bird started flying and they lived happily ever after.


While we did not score front row seats this time, we both enjoyed the play save for the distractions from other kids.

I loved the tale, the meaning behind it and hope one day he too will understand friendship knows no boundaries and as long as we all try, all dreams can come true.

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