Choosing the gowns

2:31 PM

One of the defining steps to shaping up the wedding has to be choosing gowns for the photoshoot, no amount of pacing up and down the windows of the studio is going to be as real as trying out the gowns.

We had an "interview" session with Domo, our appointed coordinator for this session and she proved to be a sweet young lady who'd ensure that we were satisfied with our picks by the end of the 3 hour session. I consider myself a decisive shopper but when faced with a rack of gowns, I gave in to a weebit amount of indecisiveness.

I tried at least 8 gowns, a combination of both wedding and evening gowns and finally settled on just 1 wedding and 2 evening for the shoot. The good thing about our package is the PS and AD gowns are different so we get to pick them again!

Lots of opinions required; selection of locations, hairdos for the gown and then gowns.

One thing to note is, the gowns on display are all for AD and not photography so the "warehouse" of gowns is well hidden from the public eye and gets pulled out by the coordinator according to my listed fancies.

Tips for the gown fitting:

- Go with an open heart and mind, what looks good on the rack may not be so worn.
- Don't bother bringing heels, there's a block to stand on to elevate.
- Have fun! Try all you wish to, bearing in mind the closing hours though!

Wish I could share what we picked but more in the official photos! :)

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