Photoshoot with My Dream Weddings

12:30 PM

We both wanted the PS to be months ahead of the big day to avoid a situation of unnecessary stress and the facial reactions to it hence it was done 6 months ahead! Just two days before, we had to head back to the studio for a last fitting and see if there are further alterations required - Grooms, remember to bring your tux shirts along for the fitting else you have to make do with their samples for fitting.

On the actual day, we arrived at 11am for the makeup and the shoot was to start at 1pm...thank god for great weather..too good infact as we realised later in the day! I suppose rainy weather provides for romantic settings ala walk in the rain but definitely NOT in those heavy gowns.

We were attached to Zoey, our MUA who would also be following us around the entire day. Our photogs, Casey and I-forgot-his-name would be assisting us in capturing potentially the best angles and the best photos. A lady of few words, she warmed up to us later and well, was a really fun experience working with all of them! The PGs walked us through the poses that are common for the shoot, our selected locations and particular shots we wanted to take.

Note that the ampoules used are charged separately, the fiance had one slapped on too for the makeup to last longer. He was not a fan of his "waxed" look, given the makeup made him two shades darker than he is!

Three looks given in total for three different locations and four outfit changes!

First Location: Alexandra Village

The ex-SA alumni wanted to capture the beauty of the grass and buildings within the area but unbeknownst to us, the place had undergone structural facelifts and is no longer what it used to be. We then headed off to Mapletree Business City but faced objections from the particularly sticky security guards. Finally Hort Park that provided a sprawling grass scenery that fit the whole casual, fun, relaxed mode we wanted to achieve. I'm not sure if the gown I selected for this location was the best but it was a black evening gown complete with fuss and the weather completely did not work in my favour. Scorching hot and I am amazed how much water I can retain actually!

They had a makeshift changing room for us to do a quick change, yay! Happiest moment came to change out of the heavy gown into our casualwear. A tip for couples who are into this part of the shoot, do bring as many props as you want but you will be eating into the remaining time for the gown shots.

Second Location: MBS

We did a quick stopover at the Hortpark Handicapped toilet for a hair and gown change - Zoey brought a foldable chair along - phew! Thought I had to sit on the WC to be made up. All these while, the dear fiance was getting cooled in the van and the PGs actually took naps!

MBS has never been more crowded and hot in my memory - oh wait, the heavy gowns made it so. We really could not care less on the people starring and snapping photos - even kissing shots were blase to me by now. At some point we both wished for the shoot to end, pronto.

Third Location: Gardens by the Bay

We stopped over at Singapore Flyer for a quick change in the baby's room - I hope we were not hindering any pooping babies from getting a clean nappy! Zoey left us before the last destination so then the hairdo was less complicated...and I was in a more comfortable gown! YAY.

At least the gown was comfy but my ankles were beginning to hurt. BOO. As usual, throngs of people and we met two other couples doing their shoot too...

By the time we all hit MDW for removal of hair accessories and changing out, it was close to 9pm. What a loooooong day!! 

Fruit and buns were furnished but these were just snacks, we completely had no time for a proper meal prior so we ended up really famished by the time the shoot ended!

While the views at these places were amazing, I wanted to catch a sunset even but the whole procedure took its toll and we just wanted it over soon. On hindsight, it was a pretty good experience and we took some behind the scenes videos to reminisce on such a day.

To date, the experience has been really good and we are so glad that we chose Mydreamwedding...I shall leave my last comments until we complete this journey but for now, we are pleased as punch.

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