Bridesmaids and groomsmen

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Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were chosen well ahead of us kiasu but it's always better to book their time and well, try to get all things sorted out before the great panic starts. There will be cases of dropouts for unforeseen circumstances so then, planning ahead always helps.

Choosing bridesmaids has to be one of the more delicate matters ever in planning a wedding - pick those that have a sense of humour, aren't a bigger ganjeong spider than the bride is (rule of thumb being only the bride has the darndest right to be the most spidery bitch on the actual day) and of course, lots of fun. As much as it is important choosing the right groomsmen to aid the groom picking his bride, the bridesmaids help to facilitate the process.

How many? Who? Mind boggling questions. I picked my sister (of course), jc chums that have been through naughty and good times with me and university friends who made the last leg of education so fun. On hindsight I should have gotten 4 each to form 8 for 8th february but...having a perfect 10 sounds better too! I've watched videos that showcase a band of brothers enough to fill the frame completely - but whatever works really.

And thankful we both are for friends who so very willingly agreed. Out with the old wives' tale on three times a bridesmaid and you'd be left on the shelf!

We found every reason to gather them to eat, talk, drink and of course, make merry.

Bridesmaid Meetup - About 3 months before the big day

It was a getogether session more than a party-party: I shall save the hen's party for another entry. I needed everyone to meet everyone and at least appear friendly when the cameras start rolling (LOL). Ambitious me wanted to meet at least twice before we all gathered for the big day but as we would have it, I only ended up with 1 private session and another all in.


My customized boxes of treats. :)  


Brunch we had and it was basically a round of introductions and briefed everyone on their roles and responsibilities.

So glad that these dearies have been so accomodating - entrusting their bridesmaid look to me completely and I am SO sure, they will give the brothers a time of their lives!

Groomsmen Meetup: 1 month before the big day (Men are usually tardy when it comes to meetups).

For prosterity's sake here's a snap of the gallant folks when they met up to conspire how to gate crash. A tip though - try to get one who is loud enough to bring up the spirits of the rest and lucky or not, the hubs had 2 complete virgin groomsmen...!

5 groomsmen missing 1, i'm sure they drank as if they were a complete 6. 

The games that the groomsmen had to go through are all featured in the same day edit video - nothing out of this world or vulgar, just things the husband hates most: kaya toast and soyabean milk. :)

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