Vendor List: The BIG Thank You

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The biggest day has ended more than a month ago and now then I've gotten down to penning this! I promise to finish up on the wedding related back log and start on the marriage chapter proper. :P

The honorary list that made D-Day possible apart from my bridesmaids and groomsmen whom we owe eternal favours to. Subscribe to as many forums as you’d like, buy as many bridal mags as you can (I cannot think of another legit reason to ever buy them again), stalk out on wedding scoop, wedding chicks and the likes of vera wang bridal even for inspirations…just make sure you don’t get too lost in the sea of options! 

Bridal Studio
My Dream Wedding

I wish it were a dream to work with them – call it difference in photography styles that caused some form of post purchase dissonance but it all quite a fuss free experience without any hardselling or coercion. My mom’s experience with the MUA from them was a horror – She basically did not know basic makeup even so that was a huge relief for me since I decided to engage an external MUA. Otherwise, the gowns I selected went down well though the husband thinks he could have done a better job with his tailormade suit. 

TG Goh

I have perhaps praised him to the skies and back already but TG has been nothing but a joy to work with – from the day I dropped him an whatsapp to the day he appeared at 6am at my doorstep with his luggage. No ridiculous surcharges (early arrival, eyelashes, false hair, accessories, he does not believe in ampoules or foundation – yay). We are immensely grateful to him for all the DIYs he helped us with – the rom dress sash, headgear and even my husband’s hairdo – hiring him had to be one of the bestest decisions for that day. Nothing is as priceless as having makeup as natural as possible (I loathe stage makeup to a T) and removal was so EASY! One wash was all it took to get the can of hairspray out, graduate brides can surely attest to washing their hair at least thrice to get all the stuff out. And one thing, he made our dressing up so fun – the jokes cracked behind doors and all the photos we took, I only wish he would agree to doing up my bridesmaid makeup later this year! 

Which MUA would go on his knees to help you tie shoes like he did? 

Thank you so much for colouring me pretty on D Day! 

Morning look.

Lunch reception. 

My pre dinner look. 

First march in look.

Julius Ng Photography

We were on a tight budget so we picked it from the list that LightHouse Studios works with. It is important that the videographer and photographer speak the same language and are used to each other’s working styles to prevent a situation where either gets in the way of the other. Julius was mostly passive throughout until we worried that he may do a no-show on the actual day but thank God he appeared on time and the snaps captured were priceless. 

Note that photographers and videographers all charge over time fees, for us we actually were not aware till the week before the wedding. Generally a 12 hour slot should be suffice and most quote for 8-10 hours, so be prepared to top up. 

Julius gave us 900+ shots though not all were fully edited. 

LightHouse Studios

Emotive. Raw. Touching. These were the same things that made us pick LightHouse and we have enjoyed their company every step of the way. Very professional from our first meeting when we did not have any intention to even sign them up after hearing about the prices. Soon it became the second, third…and when we finally saw our own video from beneath the stage, we knew it was the rightest decision. We’ve even gotten tips from Kevin on our honeymoon!

Olive 3

We needed something basic, just flowers for the altar and solemnization table. Communication was easy and the flowers delivered on the dot but I was rather disappointed with flowers being replaced without prior notice. It was supposed to be eustomas, yam roses and purple “genting blue” orchids, pink gerberas. 

Wedding Cake
The Patissier

This was completely a last minute decision but I am so glad we picked The Patissier for a themed croquembouche tower – the guests all loved the quirky elements and how awesome the profiteroles tasted!

Rasel Catering

Everyone loved it so much there was none for the hubs and I. :) Happy problem!

Push N Pop Cakes 

Cake pops are still all the rage but watch out for Push N Pop cakes that are both kids and adult friendly and a different kind of offering at a candy table. It was the fastest to be depleted and I did not even have a taste of it!

Regent Hotel

On the night of the proposal I booked dinner at Basilico and we were so blown away, we were keen on having our wedding banquet there. When we were shown their ballroom themes, we were completely sold on Moroccan Chic, a combination of black and red. So fierce but we were SO in love, a great pity we could not go with black table cloths and red chairs. 

My catering manager was definitely not the easiest to deal with because of her lag time in responses, we had 1-2 business days response from her and while I could have and should have kicked a huge fuss...we just did not. Huge props to our banquet manager though, Willius who made such a big difference to our experience with Regent.

On hindsight, I should have just gone ala carte with the pre wedding photographer and perhaps hired an external vendor decorator (heading down to the church for the decorations was tough business the day before!).

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  1. I love your post wedding entry! You both looked lovely!

    1. @pearlyn: heh, thanks!! I'm waiting for entry too! I already love your pre-wedding shots...please write more!


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