DIY: Pre wedding shoot

9:52 AM

Call it narcissism but we wanted to have our own free reign over our own pre wedding shoot and we had a bit of fun with it. Self directed with very helpful travel mates. :)

We took our shoot across countries and places..which was really fun and replicating certain shots we found online was definitely not as easy as they look!


Raining snow in Engelberg, Zurich. Capturing this was by far no short of finger numbing, toe freezing and everything else but cool.


A random shot by a river in Milan, the then fiance's comment was - why does your hair smell. LOL.

swept off

Trying to put some meaning to swept off my feet.


We tried re-enacting the proposal in a more romantic way - how nice would it be if it were an overseas proposal! :P


Kiss without a care on earth. I wish I was more diligent with my outfit choices - carrying more than 1 winter jacket was tedious max.

We also had a Bali trip so this was a great chance to capture some sunny shots too!


Lost in the land called love.


Trying the heart between us, methinks our hands are not nicely shaped for this.


I like how this turned out, very subtle.


Instead of dragging all our handmade props all over, we had some fun with scrabble.


This ended up as the front cover of our scrapbook. Hand in hand we take on the new chapter.

We of course had to take some shots around our own country - but truth be told, parks look similar everywhere!


A tender moment.


The colours turned out quite nice for this and our hand made banner - trying to be romantic in pictures was tres difficult without bursting into peals of laughter.


My caption in our montage was - even if life were a roller coaster, we have each other.


Ending off with another memorable shot - playing with sparklers and exposures.


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