The noob cook and her appliances

11:13 AM

I cannot cook to save my life, or at least tried and resulted in failed kitchen experiments. If anything that worked for me, it had to be cookies, no bake desserts and at best, osmanthus jellies that I so proudly try to claim some credit for. 

So then, with the impending humble abode coming to life - I had to get some things to save my life in the days ahead as a wife who works and tries to cook. The thing then is, the opportunity cost with every purchase - I could be getting a cute pair of earrings instead of a pot and yada - I suppose this is what marriage and subsequently parenthood does to people.  #realitycheck

Le Creuset


The guyfriend who is an amazing cook recommended Le Creuset - for all the moolah plugged in, it is just too beyoootiful to ignore and so the fashionista in us had to get it. Which other kitchenware could come in so many delicious colours? If I could collect them the way I try to collect Balenciagas, I would be one happy camper. 
Source: Le Creuset

This is really too cute. Valentine's Day maybe? I hope I will never give up the whimsical wants for a pot so cute. 

Happycall Pan

Source: Happy call 

This is supposedly godsent for families with mothers who cannot cook - and I had to get it. The amateurs call this idiot proof and the connoisseurs like my mom thinks it's a breeze but still pales as compared to using the wok. I've got a stash of recipes I want to try already - cannot wait!

Philips Air Fryer

Source: Philips

Tried and tested a must have for fried food junkies like me. It is amazing how airfried food can taste as good as oil fried ones but the main caveat is - it has to be coated in oil before the frying takes place i.e. only frozen food applies. I tried goreng pisang once and it ended up a pasty white with a mild brown tinge. 

Tefal Steamer

Soure: Tefal

I was drawn by the fact I can multi task all at once - steam vegetables, meat and maybe a tofu dish at once but it dawned on me that everything will smell the same. There are appliances that offers an option of a diffuser to ensure that food served up does not smell uniformly fishy or green. Still on the fence with this one since it does not take the size of plates. 

Zojirushi Breadmaker

Source: Zojirushi

I could be termed as having an obsessive disorder with things with multi functions - here comes an appliance that makes bread, jam, preserves and also pasta. How much bread or pasta do I even eat a week? It's a nice to have. 

Back to shopping for more things that will make the ideal wife's 3 dish and 1 soup dream meal come alive. Wish me luck!

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