Honeymoon Destination: One story of too many whimsical wants

12:00 AM

Ours is the case of an overdue honeymoon - the mini moon was but an excuse to unwind after the post wedding rara and try not to plunge into the harsh realities of life almost immediately after the wedding. (An extended case of denial.)

So then, where for the big H. Not hermes. (Damn the obsessions with all things that begin with H and contribute greatly to Happiness.) Honeymoon, my dear and the husband heaves a sigh of relief. We started planning for it so way in advance, it was almost as if getting married was about the honeymoon.

Basic criteria -

Somewhere that would be perfect for a honeymoon and was known for honeymoons. Returning as a long married couple celebrating the gold or silver anniversary or even as a family was out of the question.

A decent combination of shopping and sand. Sun and sand itself does not work for resort retards like both of us. Throw me in one and all I get is boredom and more boredom. Bali does not count.

The location has to be at least 12 hours away from sunny island, so much so I need to take 2 weeks off. 

Locations, locations and more locations. We went as far off as the US of A to the fashion capitals and finally decided on a specific region. Central Europe.

Greece and Turkey, Athens, Santorini, Istanbul. No prizes for guessing what was the maindraw. I leave you with a goodbye before returning with tons of pictures and memories. :)

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