A letter to my sister

12:00 PM

With all the weddings nailed for November, there was just one I was looking forward to all year long. The dear sister's and I was taking on all the roles I had thrown at her previously. First up, bridesmaid. Not the comfyest of all dresses but at least we all looked pictureperfect.

615am I was plucked awake from slumberland and started the morning mad rush to complete the gatecrashing tasks, the rara happened around 7ish and we were whisked off to her new home for more phototaking, her in laws for tea ceremony and then made my way to get my hair done by 2pm.

Here's a snap off Melvin's IG, one of the many crazy morning shots that we took. Yeah, my sister is great friends with my hubba and so am I with hers. No catclaws were involved. LOL.

By 4pm, I finally had yet another shower, a set of new clothes and ready for the ROM at the lawn that she wanted so badly to have and with the sky threatening to pour, it was by sheer seconds that she entered the shelter and it rained like crazy. Thank God, really.

With Khai, friend of my own wedding MUA! He very kindly helped me redo the hair I did elsewhere and I loooooved how it turned out. ;) For those interested, he's with Bridal Veil.

3 separate looks for just one day and boy it was so tiring, as if I relived my own wedding day again but truly, only just for my dear little sister.

And to end this off, a letter to her -

I have been a words person for the longest time, the diaries can attest to that. 2014 has been a year of changes, more so for the parents who will be seeing their two lovelies leave the nest. And that day, I watch my dearest sister walk down the aisle..and I really cannot be happier.

A love hate relationship we had since day one. We loved each other to death and still hated the guts out of each other when times were bitchy.

She had been a sailor in love, sailing through it all like a champ. Believe it or not, the tears I shed throughout my journey in love, she probably did not shed half of what I did. People call it the second child syndrome, more neglect comes more independence and perhaps that is the reason why she learnt on her own to stand up and move on, so much faster than I did.

She says I am the one to thank for being the catalyst between her fiance and her. Maybe it was me but I rather think it was him above who was watching over her.

You can say I have never seen her happier, for a lack of a better word. Happiness from within because he makes her this happy. I will not forget the day he texted me wanting to plan that surprise proposal for you, no amount of words can describe how excited I was to be part of this special journey.

I earned a brother in law, someone who would love her like we all do. I wish her the very best, my darling sister. She deserves nothing but the best and I am glad she found her best.

Congratulations, Mister and Missus Ng. 

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