56 hours in Hongkong

12:00 PM

My annual pilgrammage to the land of dimsum started off bright and early. I love taking planes at daybreak to reach my destination before it wakes up - at least I get a full day ahead of me...better still if I gain a day! I usually try to stay for at least 3 days, and time is never enough. Here's my really short 56 hour stay that I did recently...would very much have loved to prolong the stay but better than none I suppose!

Arriving bright and early for our first meal of the day. I don't count airplane breakfasts as proper meals though - rubbery omelettes (no matter how fanciful the name), soggy hashbrowns and tomatoes do not make a proper breakfast.

Tim Ho Wan at Hongkong Station is my choice outlet, at least queues move really fast and understanding cantonese always gives me an advantage in ordering and getting seats fast.

High tea at MO Bar this time, reservations highly recommended because taitais there really hightea all the time!

I made it a point to visit "Hello Kitty Goes Around" at KITEC this time since it was ending that very same weekend. A rather small exhibition but I had loads of fun taking photos and being a kid all over again. The dampener was when the merchanise I intended to buy were all sold out. :( ARGH. And for the first time, I step foot at Kowloon Bay Station, the furthest I've ever been beyond the touristy Tsim Sha Tsui, Central or even Causeway Bay.

Dinner at Fofo El Wily's! Amazing showcase of spanish tapas, I want to go to Spain already!

Managed to squeeze in time for the good friend in HK! The Woods it was, for girly drinks and cute bartenders. I retired for the night at a grand hour of 2am, this is what holidays are truly for methinks.

The following day kickstarted bright and early at Cupping Room, for his caffeine kick and breakfast.

Lunch was at Lung King Heen, my newfound favourite dimsum place in Hongkong now but reservations are a MUST. The above char siew bun is perhaps the best thing eaten alive.

Not forgetting their famed abalone tarts amongst the other dishes that we stuffed ourselves with. If there's just one place to visit, make it Lung King Heen. Am I already making more competition for those limited slots they have daily? :x

Even with all the eating we did, I had to stomach these Pierre Herme macarons. All in a single seating because I was worried they would be crushed.

PMQ at Sheung Wan is the latest place to check out...lots of homegrown brands hawking nostalgic knick knacks.

The reason why we made this trip - for my first overseas wedding which I'd blog about in a separate entry!
Our second wedding for November and the first I am ever so dressed up overseas. :p

Day three began with a yum cha session, egg tarts no less. Egg tarts are a must every single trip.

Before we made it home sweet home. Until our next visit! While I did not shop till I drop, I perhaps ate more than I can ever shop...this time.

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