10 months and a lifetime ahead

11:00 PM

That's not our wedding cake, unfortunately. Neither did we bother with the take a slice off a fruit cake on every anniversary till the end of time.

I used to be one to count monthesaries in a relationship, until of course it got laborious to some extent. It isn't every other month either that I remember how many months earlier I said "I do". Amidst work and the hoolabaloo of life...I had a horrible run in with a lizard the other morning and it has been the bane of my life ever since.

Today, I commemorate the 10 months of annoying each other with the dear Hubba saving me from the same wretched lizard who decided to have a showdown with me in my toilet. You can imagine the shrieks, yells and tearing the house down over it. 

Fancy dinners? Flowers? A romantic declaration?
Zilch, just a house without lizards and I roam free.
Happy 10 months.

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