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2014. A year to behold. I remember welcoming it in a bar last year - the last "happening" one I told myself. One drink, some bites and a couple of hours in a jam later, I was finally home and that was how I began the year.

The last CNY as a singleton didn't have too huge an impact, except for the fact that the new years that followed would be me issuing ang pows and not receiving them anymore.

Marriage has to be the biggest decision this year. At some point I suspected if I had commitment phobia and did worry about being a runaway bride if any of the exes ever proposed...until the husband came along. Saying yes to the proposal was easy, so was saying Yes I do at the altar. We have had our good days and bad...but surely we are getting better.

I fell sick a number of times and as I type, I am nursing a sorethroat, flu and cough. No more ops next year please, the endometriosis cyst is memorable enough.  

I travelled. Not exactly widely but 11 citites, 5 countries. I hope to beat that number next year. Bangkok. Greece. Santorini. Istanbul. Ephesus. Pammukale. Cappadocia. Kuala Lumpur. Johor Bahru. Malacca. Hongkong.

Family has and still is a key component of my life. There isn't anything I will trade it for. We became bigger, my mom now has 2 sons and 2 daughters. And I have another set of parents.

I became more acquainted with the kitchen. Nothing fancy, just meals to keep both hubba and I fed. My family marvels at my creations, especially from someone who has sworn off cooking. 

I thank god for all his blessings, the year has not been easier than the rest but through his grace I survived it. 

Let's not forget the negativity in the world today - pain, suffering, mishaps...despite that, there is still love.  Love the ones who mean everything to us, the simple blessings that go uncounted for...


So how will 2015 be? Nothing short of ordinary with a bit more sparkle. Cheers! 

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