A wedding in Hongkong

12:30 PM

The thought of attending an overseas wedding always get me so excited, maybe an extra reason to travel. Depending how it works out, sometimes airfare and accomodation is covered, sometimes it is not. In our case, it was not so we picked our flights and accomodation on our own.

Here's my two cents on attending a wedding in Hongkong!

Pick a hotel near the wedding venue

I did not know how important this is until the day we realised we did not have time to head back to our hotel to change and out again. So I had the husband lug my nightwear and heels whilst I pranced around in boots and something more comfy during the day. Also, we realised that having a hotel not so far meant we had to cater enough time before the trains stopped or just cab it.

Dress up like the locals would

In Hongkong, people dress up to the nines, flash all their jewels and labels like they are attending the most important event of their lives. I was surprised to see how many people were decked head to toe in baubles, flashy ones no less and all I had was my wedding band and earrings. Thankfully I decided to wear a maxi, at least it did not seem lacking for the occasion.

No car park coupons, just table numbers

This was really new to me how carpark coupons were not issued freely like we do here.

Twelve courses

I can never understand this part of it - yes, banquets are usually a heavier version of dinners but so heavy? When I asked my table mates if this was common practise and apparently it was. I was probably stuffed less than halfway through the copious amounts of food that came thereafter.

The hosts entertain

Yes, not exactly hosts per se since it was the parents of the bride and father of the groom up on stage serenading us with songs with a live band back up. I wonder how my own parents would react to that though but it was an interesting concept I must say.

No ang pow box

I'm not sure if this was a once off but I did not see one anywhere and infact, the wedding planner only had a kraft carton box placed under the table for us to slip in the red packets. So imagine the major confusion when guests came;

1) They had to sign the guest register
2) Get lost trying to communicate if they are from the groom's or bride's side
3) Maybe forget to pass the red packet after taking their table number

Short of chaotic I'd say and perhaps one of the most nerve wrecking registration duties I ever did in my life. :x

My first overseas wedding proved to be an experience indeed. Do I still want another? Maybe just for dinner, not the duties.

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