Valentine's 2015

9:36 AM

I am a sucker for romance through and through but for Valentine's Day, I was surprised the Hubba indulged me on a day where prices of flowers are blown out of proportion.

Off to brunch!

An unconventional brunch choice but Tawandang Microbrewery does serve up wicked Thai food despite its German roots too!

Roses for the first valentine, my supermom who does not believe in flowers on Vday.

Ta-dah! The Hubba's presents this year, which I promptly mused I can never hand them down or discard them ever because they are from him!

Off to dinner...the usual routine for two very greedy folks. Right up to the last moment I really did not have any idea where we were headed to.

Happy Valentine's over and over again, with love the chef.

Valentine's may seem like the world's most over commercialised date ever and the traditionalists may say every day can be Valentine's but truly, there is no harm just indulging on that special day to acknowledge that love is just what we all need with a bit more sparkle to get us by the rest of the year.

Children may be part of the equation in future but we both promised to keep it the same way as much as we possibly can.

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