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I'm not sure when getting manicures was part of the regular beauty treatments that I indulge in. Pedicures actually started one fine and dandy day when I dropped a bottle of moisturizer on my big fat toe causing a beyond ugly bruise underneath the nail.

Over the last couple of years I have switched around a few manicurists, from salon based to even home based and finally found one good enough for me to sign and renew my packages.

Thistlebelle, Home based

Junying did my prewedding shoot nails, something very simple and sweet. On hindsight, none of which could be captured on film much, so much for the fuss I indulged in doing up my nails.

Fashion Nails Spa, City Plaza  

The most horrific experience started out with my Groupon purchase that got us ridiculously cheap gelish sessions at less than $4 each session but the catch came when we needed to top up $18 for a express gelish and $28 for classic gelish. At $32 for a full gelish session it seemed like a good deal still so I went ahead with enough sessions to make me regret. Terrible service rendered, the lady boss only cares for those customers who willingly pay and pay and pay for all the top ups. Lousy techniques with gel polishes that could peel off within 2 weeks, even their so-called nail art is crappily hand drawn. The best part of it is every slightest change needs top up - usage of additional colour comes at $10, nail art starts from $5 including my heart design that looks like this.

I cannot be happier to end my package, infact I was using gel pedicure at some point just to deplete my package quick enough. Good riddance to such a parlour!

Clarah Nails, Home based

A Melbourne based manicurist who gained fame for her larger than life nail works that has gotten her a steady celebrity following - Serena Williams being one of them. I engaged her to do up my wedding nails. I loved the way they turned out, very un-wedding like infact which was the main point!

Glitzy Fingers, People's Park Complex

It first started with a birthday treat for my sister which ended up becoming my manicurist for good. Below are just a few designs that I have attempted with her.

Grazia Nails, Marina Square

I only go to them for pedicures, very personable service and foot massages are great!

Those were the days when I bothered enough to buy a bottle to colour my nails pretty with, I suppose I am not just the only one around who cannot paint her nails evenly on both hands. On that note, these days nail polishes have gotten so innovative, from nail stickers to Ciate online's range of textured nail polish. Maybe one day I would revert to painting my own nails but until then, it's back to the trusty manicurists!

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