Finishing touches

10:51 PM

I wish I knew what I was getting myself into the day I decided to DIY stuff - wedding stuff, specifically. The parameters were too wide to control and it kind of spiraled beyond comprehension - almost everything could be DIYed. For a start, I cannot draw to save myself, I guess I already sound like a broken recorder. And then, my fingers were definitely not meant for creating anything at all. Yet sometimes, when life throws you lemons, you create a dress with it and that's when surprises happen.

Felt, glue gun, green tape, satay sticks, crepe paper, discarded cardboard boxes were just a few of the items that I used for this DIY project. To maintain the surprise element, I will not be posting the completed projects till after the wedding.

Loving my completed pieces to bits. :)

p.s. Running out of ribbon is not my idea of fun. Rah. It always annoys me why I cannot gauge enough to get everything at one go.
p.p.s. Neither is finding out that daiso sells the completed product for a fraction of what I bought and I neednt have spent all the time trying to put it together. BUT - it was still fun making them.

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