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Weddings bands are....the bands that tie a couple together, quite figuratively. Let's just say they are a physical reminder of one's fidelity to the spouse and these days have taken the road of frivolity. Gone are the days where my parents' yellow gold rings were in vogue - they still are in a more modern manner - sleeker and maybe sturdier than before.

Gold, being such a soft metal does not take to knocks too well - though these are what makes each ring uniquely theirs. My parents stopped wearing them for various reasons but I suppose they started off this journey like I did - anticipative.

The search for the ring was exciting - the options were endless and starting from scratch was indeed quite fun. Everything was permissible and possible - until the budget check comes in place.

We had basic requirements in mind - engraving required and basically anything that goes! We were that open as that. 

Customised rings

We were pretty sure designing was not up our alley - I cannot draw to save myself. Having our initials weaved into the rings are over done to death so then passe. Besides, with the proposal ring being an attention grabber on its own, getting a band to match it would mean it's either a wire thin ring or something that will not take up more than a third of my forth finger.

Local jewellers

I must say Love and Co was the first and only stop I made to view their designer bands and I found their rings too light and prices too heavy. Definitely comparable to the jewelry from luxury brands - or so I realised later.

So then we went to a couple of places to try on the rings and the following ones are those we considered.

Every girl loves a cartier at marriageable age, as she would love a tiffany's at 21. I found the love bands too light and service snotty. 

Loved the concave design - does resemble a cartier love band somewhat?


These had us at hello but the mom had to step in with her theory of how rings should be complete circles and not truncated - and I thought we weren't even traditional. Else, these would be rocking awesome bands!



If I could have things my way, it would have been this beauty from Piaget. Alas, these cost too much for even a bomb so I tossed the idea off. Maybe someday as an accessory ring than a wedding band? I have to say their service was by far top notch thusfar - when it was a simple enquiry, we were served beverages and chocolates with sincere service. You can say that's what brands offer but I beg to differ, after that scathing cold experience at a particular C brand.

Lofty dreams aside, we somehow or another ended up browsing rings in Damiani, an Italian brand not so well known in Singapore yet. Located at Scotts Square, it is the only jewelry store and we were served by a really warm newbie who literally blew our socks off with his sincerity. He took all questions and showed us all that we needed to see - shame on me for losing his card though! With the impending European holiday, it was just timely as well since we will be in the land where it originated from.

With two designs in mind, we checked out the store in Florence, very randomly. We were open to other Italian jewellers as well since they have a jewelry bridge for local designers. The first shop - i forgot what - specialised in jewelry and not weddings bands (they actually told us point blank) but I had issues with the petal design on the wedding band.

The second, third and possibly forth came up with a series of classic Italian designs - simple. The fifth store we stopped by had a lady hard selling her handmade rings, we were so close to just getting them, and then we didn't.

Damiani it was, so randomly and we were greeted by a bright smile and loud voice. She was all of gregarious, frank without being rude and we enjoyed just talking to her. She got her bands from Damiani too - a living testimony to how wearable their rings as she wriggled her fingers. Stories were told on their rings, the italian culture and of course, competitors but all in the name of jest. It wasn't too long before we made our choices - very simple and classic ironically when we both started out wanting the moons and stars...she went a step further to give a discount, get them resized and sent to our next port of call for free.

And I wonder if I caved into them because of the wonderful sales person. She made the experience really memorable. It was the first time I had such a good laugh in a jewelry shop - imagine one without the cold exteriors and austere sales people. Damiani in Florence it was. The case in Milan was different though - so I guess, it is salesperson and outlet specific.

"Your rings come insured so then feel free to bring them on your honeymoon!" - This, is what I call the Damiani experience.

Now, it's time to think of what to engrave on them! Yet another off the checklist. YAY!

If marriage began with a pair of bands, I say it starts with the sales person who sold the rings. 

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