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I caved in 19 days to the wedding and got ourselves a wedding cake, technically not a cake cake per se since it isn't in tiers nor lathered in buttercream and flowers. #bridezillamoment, again.

Hands up those who think that weddings are complete with their own wedding cake!

For those fretting whether or not you should get it - the multimillion dollar answer is - just get it. Yes yes, the "once in the lifetime" line gets thrown around alot and it's one of those occasions that applies. What is once in a lifetime photoshoot at $XK when the cake costs a fraction? 

I toyed with the idea at the start of the planning and finally succumbed to temptation eventually. This was what I had in mind originally.

 Credits to marmalade cake company dot com

There are plenty of bakers to choose from locally who would do a fondant covered or buttercreamed cake with posies and what nots..and then the question comes who eats the cake?

In my case, the original intention was for us to have a tiered cake and we could keep a tier each. Missus bonbon, rive gauche and pine garden were on that list and we even went for cake tasting - an experience that was rather detached.

So then, we made an appointment with a particular baker to sample their cakes with flavours informed ahead of time.

3 flavours to the tune of $20 which could be deducted from the order if we decide to purchase from them. These get brought out of the refrigerator and placed infront of us - blocks of cake with frosting.

Lemon - The frosting was a tad artificial but this was definitely better than the red velvet.
Strawberry - Probably the best strawberry shortcake around with the fluffy layers sandwiched with fresh strawberries and cream
Red Velvet - Too sweet and red for comfort.

And we left wondering if we should even get a tiered cake, afterall. For sure the designs were nice and I get different flavours but...our families were not that keen.

 Credits to The Patissier

The date to confirm came and went and the purchase just happened. We opted for a croquembouche instead - mini cream puffs with a whimiscal design - suits my theme anyway - what's a whimsical wedding with a proper cake?

Full payment paid. Design finalised. Let me just twiddle my thumbs and wait to be surprised.


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