THE manicurist: Clara Hwang

9:05 AM

Riding on a high of a bride to be and once in a lifetime, I found THE manicurist. Until I fell into the deep abyss of preetifying my nails, it has been a road of no return.

I scoured high and low for one that would be suitable...I somehow do not want french manicure with flowers plastered all over my fingers - going down the ultimate bridal way. 

Clara is now based in Melbourne and I have been her follower on instagram for a while. Amongst her faithful following include Serena Williams. At the start I marvelled at her works and wondered if I had the guts to take her audacious creations on - and why not? The opportunity arose when she had slots for her brief holiday back to Singapore and tadah - nailed my appointment for the big day albeit a week earlier. 

Source: Clara H

Definitely not something so outrageous like those above but something more avant garde with a bit of spunk...hehe...Cannot wait for the magic to happen!!

22 awesome days left! xx

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