HEN's night

5:35 PM

So then, my jc chums decided to take things into their own hands and date me for my bachelorette's night. Simple one - just dinner and a drink, they promised. We have had too many wild party days...I could have celebrated a wild night out one time too many with them to even want another for a hen's night.

What is a bachelorette's night then? I always thought of it as a night to have immense fun - to almost forget the fiance temporarily and whatever happens goes down in time unspoken. That already sounds iffy but that's how even movies portray them - pissed drunk and in someone else's bed.

Off to jenkyll and hyde to be wowed by their creations!

Mr bean, a lovely sweet start to the evening.

My specially concocted milkshake of a cocktail.

And then there were others. 

That's the awesome bartender concocting one of the many drinks I had that night. One hell of a serendipituous night too - the bartender knew the fiance, as did the lady sitting next to us!

Hen had her night without any fanfare just with her best buds and a fiance who doubled up as a chauffeur, another struck off the checklist!

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