Domestic Goddess

11:00 AM

I think many who know me and follow me on instagram know how great a cook my mom is, the kind who can work, clean up the house and most definitely cook. Her competence is beyond me, the kind of full course meals she can whip up in an hour and having moved out now, I appreciate that so much. I used to complain about the lack of variety when it was already 4 dishes and a soup staring at me during dinner. I used to complain why she would take so long to cook, when really she spend the last hour cooking, trying to do laundry and then freshen herself up. I used to be such a complain queen around the house.

This was all I managed in more than an hour. Soup was completely handled my the world's best invention, the crock pot. Yet that still meant the first waking moment was spent scrambling to the kitchen to wash my raw pork ribs and blanche them in hot water. 

My teriyaki chicken was a nerve wrecking oil popping affair with the oven and lastly, my coddled eggs that could have been better cooked. 

2 dishes 1 soup and 2 very hungry people by the time it hit 8pm. Dinner at 8pm to me in the past would be an unforgivable time but that day, I appreciated all that my mom had ever done and trust me, it was one hell of an emotional meal.

I salute those who can do this everyday and now, this once a week affair is truly a humbling experience.

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