Moving out...moved

12:00 PM

We finally moved out. Maybe for the first and last time, we do not need movers since most are store bought. It was a teary affair for me bidding everyone goodbye and as small as Singapore seems, there is a difference being a flight of stairs away and 20 minutes by car. Hence going overseas to study or even work never quite crossed the mind and even if they did it was out of a moment of rebelliousness.

The lovely package from the sis to welcome us in the humble abode. I can never resist Plain Vanilla at all.

My first homecooked dinner. I wish so many more things went right but at least I was able to put something on the table!

Upclose of my first beef stew - loving the pretty colours!

Sunday's crab feast that brought tears to the eyes. My first dinner after moving out when it's been barely 24 hours!

My first weekday breakfast amidst all the madness.

Some call it finally growing up, and I cannot disagree. I salute the parents for their ability to manage a household without a maid through these years, it is by no means a generation thing and my parents pulled it off. Dual income no maid for the longest time. I never had to worry about incomplete laundry, going around in clothes with holes or had to eat a single meal outside because my mom cooked every single day.

It was only much older then that I chose to hang out with friends, chill on Tuesdays, Ladies nights and the boyfriend became reasons for my absense from the dinner table. All these seem so precious now, Sundays especially.

But first, let me sort out my daily grind and get things in order before I talk about being overly ambitious with dinners.

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