Shake n Take Smoothie Maker

3:02 PM

I caved into getting this handy smoothie maker at a make shift stall at a Pasar Malam. At $39.90, it was a steal considering its compact size and supposed fussfree maintenance. And then of course there were a ton of Groupon promotions going at $27.90. There can never be a rock bottom for prices really.

My first apple smoothie.

Strawberries in vogue.

It was a fun gadget to have around the kitchen and I had my fun - all kinds of fruits I made smoothies of and it was only a good 3.5 weeks later that the gadget died on me.

It was a slow purring kind of blending before it emitted smoke and pungent burnt metal fumes from the back of the machine. And it died.

Clearly a case of frivolity getting the better of me and it's back to the bigger brands with warranties at least.

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