Housewarming: DIY your very own tea party

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The wedding gave me an indication how DIY can be so much fun and inconvenience at the same time. Till today, I still have not gotten forgiveness from my sister for putting her through so much stress for my candy table that everyone adored. Fact is, none of us are artistic people nor bakers so to put things into perspective, it is about buying and placing them together on the same table without it looking weird.


And so we did away with the cliche buffet lunch/dinner catering and opted for a tea party.

Upclose of the spread!

Menu cards that will be framed and placed on the table rather than going through the pain of individually labelling them. At this juncture, I totally admire people who can do calligraphy so well, a handwritten one would be soooo purdy!

We wanted to keep things simple, easy to eat and most importantly, light. Tea is afterall the lightest meal of the day. 


Ritz cheese crackers are the best snack food ever, and popular across all age groups.


I had a kacang putih corner with a selection of nuts.


With my trusty airfryer and sandwiches, that would ensure that food is always kept warm and visitors well fed. Dishes like pasta, shepherd's pie or even plain chicken pie would be a mess to have around the new house. 

Fruit platters! We had a bowl of rambutans too that I completely forgot to take out!

Drink dispensers purchased at Giant, gotta love the glass cylinders and these were priced so affordably under $30 (I believe!). Plus, these are not made of acryllic or plastic like most of the other drink dispensers are. We went the cafe way, filling it with water and topping with fruits for a fruity tinge. Our fruity chillers that got everyone quite excited. These are great to prepare a couple of hours in advance so the fruity fragrance can infuse into the water.

These are the vendors that we opted for to save us also a mountain of hassle! The best part is I decide what goes into the menu rather than fuss over the limited menu choices of a caterer. 


Whips Cupcakes, Icon Village

Bite-sized cupcakes that keeps calories within that one bite. Oh so pretty too.  So far, they are one of the few who do mini cupcakes. Note that they are only open on Saturday for pickups of orders and not over the counter purchases. 


Savoury Tartlets, Swissbake

I love canapes and we had to have these delicious looking tarts too! These ended up a tad soggy after a while. There is a huge variety of other nibbles available as well but these are only available for pickup after 12 noon. 


Milo Dinosaur Cake, Cat and the Fiddle

There is no better way to try a new flavour of cake by sharing with the rest! Having just 2 of us eat an entire cake sounds like a diabetic case in waiting. These affordably priced cakes have a few pick up points and they are completely customisable.

These are the other vendors that made it to our list for consideration but maybe next time!


This has been my trusty supplier for party packs for the longest time, and sometimes you need change. :) Otherwise, certified delicious.

Royals Cafe

They serve delectable pies and fingerfood!


Tray cakes, frozen foods and the list goes on and on for this wholesaler.


If only distance was not an issue, this Woodlands joint is great for all frozen seafood!

Plain Vanilla

Great if you have a whole party of sugar lovers, very beautiful and delicious bakes.

Drink Dings

This would be absolutely swell to have, a mobile bartender on the go! An idea maybe for a happy hour party next time.

Olla Mobile Coffee

We contemplated having them for our wedding reception but it fell through. Won't it be lovely to serve freshly brewed coffee on the spot?

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  1. Aiyo,the set-up, it's over the top lovely lah! so envious right now!

    1. lol, you're too kind! the wedding styling you do is "over the top lovely"! LOVE your works.


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