Wallpaper by Nest

2:03 PM

I think Hubba and I have a weird habit of caving into temptations at such last minute notice, it can drive either of us up the wall sometimes. The last time the same thing happened was a couple of weeks before the wedding I booked my croquembouche of a wedding cake so randomly.

And the same has happened just a few days before our housewarming. We suddenly wanted wallpaper.

Well technically not I woke up today and wanted wallpaper but the nice folks at Nest (where we made our maiden purchase of Lazy Bug), sold us the idea of having it in our home. Most of their clientele are the hotels and interior designers and we viewed a couple of the limited edition samples and boy were we sold.

Two of the above samples will be installed in our home tomorrow, right before our housewarming! 


Nest is located at Yong Siak Street, a couple of doors away from Nana and Bird and 40 Hands.

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