Weekly posies

9:38 AM

I was never quite a gardener nor a fan of plants but flowers speak a different language of their own. The class at Heaven Wild Fleur was a start of a journey with these pretty things and for the past few weeks I have been faithfully filling my bottles with weekly flowers to last me through the work week.

Baby's Breath

These are strangely expensive. A bunch cost me $3 and if I wanted something that would constitute a bouquet, it would set me back by $24. Still really pretty nonetheless.


Supposedly easy to maintain but mine didn't last beyond a week. :(


My main grouse with these is that they tend to mould and blacken so fast. :( Even adding drops of bleach does not help. 

Somehow my choices have been purple so far, hopefully more colours soon!

I've been toying with the idea of subscribing to weekly blooms and the main setback is the area I'm staying is not in their delivery areas. Dang!

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