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We are almost putting together the final touches to the humble abode and it's back to my favourite retail therapy - for the bits and bobs which consists of kitchenware mainly and right down to the door mat, it has been crazy fun and terribly shiok when I find a new low price for a particular item.

It was only until a recent review of receipts that we realised that we nearly purchased multiples of the same things. Here's a list of places we scoured to complete our home :) No particular theme, just things that caught our eye!

Kedaung TableTop
512 Chai Chee Lane

National television has made this place famous for cheap homeware. Housed in an industrial area means there is almost zero traffic on weekends. I expected more from the warehouse since it was partitioned to just one showroom for the more premium items and an area for the mass. I picked up cheaper $1.50 milkshake glasses that were going for $8 each at least at Crate and Barrel!

5B Pte Ltd
46 Joo Chiat Rd

This is very popular amongst shoppers and with a two storey two outlet shop means there are so many things to look at. Inspite of the mess of things, I still found enough patience, time and things to buy within 2 hours. This place is great for browsing even and they have almost everything you can ever want in the kitchen!


As with the furniture, IKEA is for the budget conscious but only for selected items. We found a salad bowl for $2.90 which was a great steal and a few other things - they are awesome for shower curtains and quilt stuffings.


Trust the hypermart to be a place to stock up on affordable mops, laundry baskets and right down to napkin holders. Just the place to be to stock up on groceries on homeware. 

Takashimaya Houseware Fairs

We caved into those Japanese fairs that saw us stocking up on their too pretty plates, bowls, cutlery and the Nespresso machine that Hubba had his eyes on for a super duper long time now. Does not help that they have free delivery for purchases above $200 - perfect for shopaholics. The only downside is the maddening queues during these sales.

All over Singapore

Yes Daiso in Singapore and Malaysia, we scoured them all to get our hands on really handy items. $2 for cheap innovation solutions - I procured a cake knife at all of $2, let's just see how friendly it is during the house warming party! There is a decent range of items "made in japan" with such pretty prints too. My heart goes soft and knees go weak every single time I am left to my own defences in Daiso. Just note that all the $2 will add up to a princely sum at the end of the day.

Sia Huat
11 Temple St

The family annual sale is TO DIE FOR. Yes you've heard me, to-die-for, coming from a shopaholic who owns more shoes than plates. Yet I roughed it out in their Pandan Road warehouse and came home victorious - so many wine glasses, name me the red and the white, not forgetting the wine decanter and the list goes on almost forever. We got everything at a fraction of their retail price and I am so looking forward to their next warehouse sale!

Crate and Barrel
Ion Orchard

I hide no secret in displaying my support for this place. Everything looks like it fits perfectly in the catalogue, and I can imagine myself owning nearly everything in there. The only problem - budget. Thick glass mugs that go for a tune of $6.95 each and I bought two...a set of almost patented container ware that cost us a beautiful song of $100 odd for 10. I only wish for a dining table so large for me to fiddle with the napkins, wine rings, display plates and yada...nonetheless, a very very very charming place to shop in. 

Taylor B
43 Keppel Road 1st, 2nd & 4th floors

Amidst all the large furniture and delicious candles (I almost caved into purchasing a $99 candle for the home when Yankee Candles came along), there is a tiny selection of plates, teapots and trays that are scattered around the 3 floors. Trust us to chalk up a bill of $200 just on plates, cups, saucers, a teapot and my very first cake stand. Had this been the last of my purchases, I am so sure the Hubba would have none of that.

Great World City

Their mid year sale sees a 15% storewide discount and I nailed my cake knife here! They have a range of terribly expensive cutlery but so ergonomic! Figure paying $799 for a set of 24? If you do, Iwannagohome stocks it.

Tony Teo Import and Export
49 Sims Ave

Located just next to the famous durian stall in Geylang, this is only for home with an Asian theme. They have shifted away from retailing plates and bowls to more ornamental bits - we did not find anything suitable, unfortunately.

The rest that I wish I had some budget for -

Brown Paper Packages [CLOSED]
By the lady behind The Pleasure Monger, she also has an online shop with plates and decorative items so beautiful. A great pity she decided to close it early July.

When I Was Four
These are stocked at a few places and also online - head here for nostalgic kicks! Singapore's version of G.O.D.

Goods of Desire

Hongkong's brainchild, a terribly smart and witty lifestyle shop. Nostalgia, modern, futuristic, you name it they have it. Prices are not too hugely different here than Hongkong but trust the motherland for having the full collection - I dedicate hours just to browse it when I'm there!

Books Actually
9 Yong Siak Street

Trust this little hideout in Tiong Bahru to have a stash of knick knacks from yesteryears that would make any home complete - but history comes at a price.

Cath Kidston

Like Laura Ashley, though I find the prints less traditional. Like Crate and Barrel, all the items are so buyable but my heart would break if I chipped a plate. If it is cheaper, online may be an option but remember you're transacting in pounds and there are shipping charges involved.

Laura Ashley
Great World City

Cottage-themed plates and all things beautiful. Do not expect to leave this place without burning a fortune in the pocket.

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  1. You forgot Taobao. Good quality & cheaper than everything you see in SG. Kitchenware, cushions etc. You can check out Vanesse Frida's blog on the kitchenware she bought & where she commented on the quality.

    1. Hello! I didn't, I'll write an entry on that later. :)


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