Housewarming in the works

1:15 PM


The time has come for the big move ahead and to start a completely new chapter as a missus with the mister.

E-Invitations sent for our housewarming! 
As much as they look like proper invites and as much as frivolous me would like to send them out.
Sorry, I had to blank out the address and details but you get the idea.

Friends have commented on how whimsically and uncannily similar these look, as compared to our wedding invites.
Exactly my point - something whimsical, something different and well, something fun. 

I'm not sure why Alice in Wonderland always comes to mind whenever I plan something but that is the gist behind our tea party concept.

I'm in the process of putting together a menu and maybe more but NO fanciful cooking will be done!

Can't wait!

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