Hopping onto the Lazy-bag wagon

3:26 PM

I grew up with squishable bean bags, the kind kids would fight over just to squirm and squiggle in them. 20 years later, they are still a hot favourite in my home. 

All it took was a walk past the shop thrice, twice closed and a third on just yesterday after work and I found myself in the shop. 

20% off, a Great Singapore Sale discount was up (Not so great anymore and it was already late July), till 27 July.

 Image courtesy of lazy bag.

We fiddled with a couple of bean bags and then found ourselves proud owners of Breeze Classic. So slouchable and gosh, I can totally imagine myself lounging in it after work - heels off, mag in hand and a bag of kettle chips.

Oh, if I may add, ours is in fuschia pink. *swoons*

p.s. they have a range of kiddie ones so cute, I wish I had space to accomodate of of these cuties.

Can't wait for it to be delivered!


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