Honeymoon: S for Santorini

6:28 PM

Finally, I have time to put this together, a post so overdue, I can go on another honeymoon in the absence of this post.

We kickstarted our honeymoon in Athens and then moved onto Santorini. Let's just say, we planned the whole honeymoon around Santorini. :P

Coincidentally or not, we celebrated our anniversary in Santorini. The first year in Singapore, second in Santorini, and the third? The island is too beautiful for just 3 days, I wish we had a forth as did the husband.

Chill we did with the complimentary amenities from Rocabella Suites. First it was a bottle of white wine, chocolates, fig bars, chocolate wafers and on our last night, moscato. Bless these people who know how to make a honeymoon complete. The staff were ever so joyous, it made it feel like the happiest place on earth.

On hindsight I should have dedicated more time to Greece in general. There was so much to see and experience, time is always never ever quite enough.

I'll let the pictures talk and convince you that Santorini should be in your bucket list of places to visit in this lifetime. Part 2 coming up!

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